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Mykonos Travel Guide

Posted on July 28 2018

Mykonos Travel Guide



I just returned from Greece. Mykonos to be exact. Last year I went to Santorini and it was phenomenal. Since I wasn’t able to visit both Santorini and Mykonos all in one trip, because well I am not rich, I decided to plan my Mykonos trip for another time. That time had finally arrived last week.

I planned a little surprise trip for my girlfriend and we had a great time. Last year I wrote a travel guide about Greece, mainly Athens and Santorini, so I figured that this year I’ll do the same for Mykonos.

I hope you guys will be pleased. There are definitely a few great tips that I will be sharing with you which will make planning your trip even easier.

Now if you’re on a budget, Mykonos may not be the best destination for you as it is very expensive. And this is coming from someone who lives in Miami.

You will be paying a lot for your accommodation, food, drinks, etc.

So, keep that in mind before you buy that plane ticket.

There are 2 ways of getting to Mykonos. You can fly into its regional airport or take a ferry.

Which option to choose will mainly depend on where you will be coming from.

My girlfriend and I flew into Mykonos. An option that I would recommend to anyone regardless of where you are coming from. It’s easier and takes less time.

There are a few airlines that fly directly into Mykonos Airport (JMK). You can fly in from Rome (FCO), Barcelona (BCN), London (LGW), Paris (ORY), Frankfurt (FRA), Zurich (ZRH), Milan (MXP), and the list goes on and on. These are all direct routes. Don’t go crazy going through 2-3 stops.

Go on and find the route that best accommodates you.

If you’re coming from the states like we did, I suggest flying into Barcelona and from thereon catch a flight directly to Mykonos. Flights between Barcelona and Mykonos will be as low as $75 and are less than 3 hours long.  

Be sure to plan accordingly though, since many of the cheaper flights are very late in the night and arrive the next day at like 4:00AM. Make sure that wherever you are staying in Mykonos, you will be able to check in early enough so that you can take such a late/early flight.

Which brings me to my next point; accommodation.


We booked an Airbnb and it was honestly great. We had a fantastic host. Now hotels will easily cost you $300-$900 per night during summer time (June- September). And Airbnb’s will certainly be expensive as well. However, you can definitely save a few hundred bucks if you choose an Airbnb.

I spent about $850 for three nights on our Airbnb. Any real nice hotel would have easily cost me $1,200 for three nights.

So how long you’re planning on staying in Mykonos honestly depends on your budget. But I would highly recommend you staying AT LEAST three FULL days. Ideally, I think 4-5 days would be sufficient.


Once you’re settled into your residence, the first thing you want to do is rent an ATV. It’s the simplest and fastest way to get around Mykonos. You can rent an ATV for around €60 per day (around $78). They are fun to drive, and you can get anywhere on the island with one. Ask your hotel or Airbnb host for rental agencies. They will be able to guide you to a close one. 

Download the app Aegean Taxi, it’s kind of like Uber but for local taxis. You can pinpoint a pickup location and even schedule pickups. You will be able to link your credit card to the app and pay via the app. I highly recommend using that app if you are looking for transportation from and to the airport.

There’s plenty of things to do in Mykonos. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Visit the windmills in Mykonos Town
  • Stop by Little Venice
  • Wine tasting at Mykonos Vioma Farm
  • Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach
  • Cavo Paradiso
  • Tropicana Beach Bar
  • Psarou and Paraga Beach


These are just a few suggestions. One huge tip: The nightlife doesn’t start until around 1AM so just be mindful of that.

 Now you won’t need any food suggestions because the food in Mykonos is excellent anywhere you go. Close out your Yelp and Trip Adviser app and get lost. You really can’t go wrong with any restaurant in Mykonos.


Overall, Mykonos is a party island that thrives on tourism. Expect to spend a lot. Food, drinks, it's all pretty expensive. Budget yourself around $180-$250 PER DAY for one person.


Enjoy your trip and go make memories that'll last you a lifetime. 



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