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Edinburgh, Scotland - Travel Guide

Posted on December 11 2018

Edinburgh, Scotland - Travel Guide


I haven’t been writing much lately and that mainly has to do with my crazy schedule. I know I owe you guys a lot of context. It’s been months since my last blog and I feel awful about it. But not to worry; I am back!

As I am writing this, I’m sitting on an ICE train from Zurich to Munich. I’m sitting across this mesmerizing woman; dark red hair that matches her red nails. A laughter that sounds like forever and a smile that makes ‘forever’ sound inadequate.

This train ride will be just over 4 hours long. So, let’s see how much wisdom I can pass along to you guys.

Edinburgh has never truly been on my immediate list of places to visit, but my girlfriend wanted to go, so naturally we ended up going. We stayed in Edinburgh for 3 nights and it was truly special. An amazing city that deserves a lot more credit.

We were somewhat short on time which is why we weren’t able to explore areas outside of Edinburgh. But if you have the time, I would highly recommending dedicating a week to Scotland.

3 Days in Edinburgh is barely enough. Don’t go for less because you simple won’t have enough time to see much.

Depending on where you are coming from, there are plenty of options to fly into Edinburgh. From the U.S. there are a few airlines who fly directly in EDI.

 This includes American Airlines (JFK-EDI), although that route is seasonal and only runs for a few months a year. An easy option is to fly into London (Heathrow) and from there fly with a smaller airline into EDI.

We flew with Flybe and didn’t encounter any issues other than a little scare when we came across the airplane. Tiny aircraft with propeller engines. If you’re scared of flying, beware.

Edinburgh International Airport is fairly close from the city and Ubering is no problem whatsoever. Head to the designated pickup spot right by the garage once you exit the airport after retrieving your bags.

Be mindful that Scotland is part of the U.K. and therefore uses British pounds and doesn’t have your standard two round-pin European power outlet. Scotland instead uses 3 slanted pins as power outlets. So be sure to bring the correct adapter.

Obviously, everyone has their own objectives as to what they are hoping to gain from visiting a country. We decided to travel to Edinburgh in December for its famous Christmas ambiance and beautiful medieval architecture. It’s notorious whiskey, and historical castles.

All these are sights you can get from Edinburgh and finding the right location for your accommodation is imperative in order to maximize your leisure time in the city.  Stay in the center of the city, that way everything is close to you. I would highly recommend an Airbnb over a hotel as hotels are ridiculously expensive.

Stay around Princes St. Here you will find the biggest Christmas market in Edinburgh. The shopping district, bars, clubs and restaurants. You can walk anywhere if you stay in that area. It is easy to get around and if you do end up getting lost, asking for help is a breeze. 

We stayed in an amazing Airbnb with a fantastic view of the entire Princes street and garden. Email me for the information of the Airbnb and I’ll be happy to connect you.

A 3-night stay will cost you around $430.  Edinburgh is one of those cities where Airbnb’s charge low nightly rates but add absurd fees like cleaning and service fees which can easily add another $60-$80 to your stay. I’m obviously not a fan of these fees since I believe they should be included in the rate of the Airbnb from the beginning. But I’ll leave that topic for another day. Just be mindful that you should be expecting to be paying around $400 in total for three nights if you want to stay in the city center, which I highly recommend you do.

Hotels near Princes St. will easily be $220 a night and up, plus taxes. So, Airbnb is certainly more affordable in Edinburgh even with cleaning and service fees.

The food in Edinburgh is fabulous. I don’t even need to give you recommendations as you will easily find suitable places to eat.

Overall you will have an amazing time in Edinburgh with these few tips. If you can spare some more days head outside of Edinburgh, that is where the real beauty lies.


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