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4 Days in Sydney, Australia

Posted on April 29 2018

4 Days in Sydney, Australia

In my last article I went over my Bali trip. It was phenomenal. Check it out here.


After spending 10 days in Bali, my girlfriend and I decided to make a quick stop somewhere on the way home.

Well kind of on the way home.

From Bali we took an overnight flight to Sydney. Only took us about 6 hours of flying, and surely enough we ended up on another continent.

We stayed in Sydney for 4 days, which is just about enough days to see a fair amount of the city. Any more days would surely be superfluous.

Now, ideally you would like to stay in Australia for around 2 weeks, at least right?  I mean, who wouldn’t want to visit Melbourne, travel to Perth and Brisbane. Go shark diving on the Neptune Islands. The list goes on and on. In a perfect world you’d plan your trip accordingly. However, sometimes you just got to improvise and make the best out of every situation.


Although I would have loved nothing more than to see my girlfriend’s reaction when a couple of Great white sharks surround us while we’re in a metal cage, 10 meters below the ocean surface. Unfortunately, as time did not permit such invigorating activity, we had to limit our trip to just the metropolitan area of Sydney.


However, if you only have a few days to spend in Sydney, don’t worry. You still have plenty of time to see a great bit of the city.


Obviously, you don’t want to travel to Australia for just 4 days. But if you’re already in southern Asia, like I was, why not knock Sydney off your bucket list.

My girlfriend and I stayed at the Rydges Hotel in Surry Hills. Great hotel in downtown Sydney. You can’t find a much better location than this. Everything is pretty much in walking distance. They have plenty of restaurants, bars and coffee shops all within 10 minutes of walking.

Now there’s a few spots in Sydney that you just got to visit. After getting settled into our hotel room, we made our way to the famous Sydney Opera House which is right next to the Harbor Bridge.

Go early as it gets quite busy.

The Rydges Hotel in Surry Hills is perhaps a 7-minute drive away from the Opera House. We ubered there without any complications. Ubers are effortlessly found around Sydney and one could argue that the rates are quite reasonable.

After making your way to the iconic Opera House, you could walk west near the harbor. There you’ll find ice cream shops and nice restaurants right by the water. This is also where ferries take off to Manly Beach.

For a delightful day out, take a ferry at Circular Quay, near the Sydney Opera House, for a 20-minute trip across Sydney Harbor to Manly Wharf. Walk from the wharf up the Corso, a lively shopping and pedestrian boulevard that leads to Manly Beach.

This little trip will take you around 4-6 hours so I would recommend you plan accordingly. Pack a bag with plenty of water, sunscreen and some beach towels. You can buy your tickets for the ferry right there at the station. Ferries run every 30 minutes.

Manly Beach is beautiful and it’s a fun little trip to take while in Sydney. Don’t miss out on this!

If you’re in Sydney on a weekend, be sure to visit the Rocks. A historic precinct just west of the harbor, where you find some of Sydney’s oldest pubs, cozy cafes and delicious restaurants.

On weekends that little neighborhood turns into a lively market place where you will find local mom and pop shops sell their goods, ranging from food, to jewelry and accessories.

Like I mentioned earlier, Manly Beach is a beach that you do not want to skip while you’re staying in Sydney. However, there’s another beach that I urge you to swing by. Bondi beach, perhaps the most famous beach in all of Australia. Often named as one of the words best ‘sandy spots’.

Bondi beach is less than 30 minutes way from downtown. So, it’s easy to get there and even easier to fall in love with its magical ambience.

You’ll find people from all over at Bondi Beach. Locals who just simple come to have a relaxing afternoon. Foreigners who traveled thousands of miles to catch some waves at this iconic beach. And everything in between.

Around Bondi Beach you will find plenty of restaurants, small coffee shops and shopping stores.

There’s something for everyone.
I gave you some good suggestions that are truly worthy of a visit. You have the Opera House, The Rocks, taking a ferry to Manly Beach and making a day trip out of it. As well as enjoying the fantastic scenery at Bondi Beach.

Now if you enjoy nature and like being outdoors, you’ll definitely enjoy a trip to the Royal Botanic Garden of Sydney. A green oasis in the heart of Sydney, less than 10 minutes away from the Opera House. 

Take a free tour, learn about Aboriginal culture or relax and take in the view. It’s a beautiful scenery.

Overall, 4 days in Sydney is plenty of time to see and do a good amount. If you have more time, leave Sydney, travel to other parts of Australia. There truly isn’t a definitive schedule to uphold. Venture out, do your own thing, wander off and explore this beautiful country.


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