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  • Edinburgh, Scotland - Travel Guide

    Dec 11 2018

      I haven’t been writing much lately and that mainly has to do with my crazy schedule. I know I owe you guys a lot of context. It’s been ...

  • Mykonos Travel Guide

    Jul 28 2018

        I just returned from Greece. Mykonos to be exact. Last year I went to Santorini and it was phenomenal. Since I wasn’t able to visit b...

  • Traveling around Germany

    May 02 2018

      This has to be a post that is very long overdue. I was born in Germany and spent most of my life there. I still travel to Germany ever...

  • 4 Days in Sydney, Australia

    Apr 29 2018

    In my last article I went over my Bali trip. It was phenomenal. Check it out here.   After spending 10 days in Bali, my girlfriend and I ...

  • Bali Travel Guide

    Apr 14 2018

      My girlfriend and I finally decided to take a long overdue trip to Bali, Indonesia. A birthday gift to ourselves you could say. Natural...