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Say Less

Posted on June 24 2019

Say Less
We live in a world where everyone things that their opinion is so paramount and of value that it needs to be heard by, well, everyone. Everyone has something to say about this topic and that topic. No matter what you do, there will be someone who is out to criticize you. And I am not talking about positive criticism, no. It’s the kind of criticism that is just unnecessary and of no substance.
In today's day and age, with social media, blogs and YouTube channels, we are all just a click away from sharing our so called ‘opinion’ with over 3 billion other people who have access to the internet. Everyone wants to be heard, everyone things that they know what they are talking about.
Even though this may be true, just because you know what you’re talking about, or rather, you think that you know what you’re talking about, doesn’t mean you have to share it with everyone and their mother.
A lot of times less is more. Say less. Complain less. Whether that is via the internet or in a face to face conversation.
I’ve realized that all these years I’ve spent so much time and energy into trying to push my ideas and views onto other people. Trying to have the last word. Whether that was in relationships, friendships or with my family.
You spent all this energy into having the last word, responding with a comeback or simply trying to make an excuse, that you end up depleted, drained and non the wiser.
Remember, your last word isn’t necessarily the best word.
Stop making excuses, stop trying to have the last word in every single discussion. Stop arguing with a stranger on Twitter who lives 4,000 miles away.
Pick your battles. Not everything is worth a response. Not everything valids your immediate input. You don’t have to constantly give your two cents.
Some things go beyond words. Some things don’t require continued discussions. That relationship that ended months ago; it doesn’t matter who was at fault. It’s done. Less talking, more letting go, more moving on.
That argument you had with your best friend; it doesn’t matter who started it. Make peace and move on.
Stop trying to argue, stop trying to find reason, stop robbing yourself of your energy and peace.
I’m not trying to oversimplify human relationships. Communication is obviously very important. And knowing where things went wrong is important in order to learn from mistakes and grow, but there comes a point in time where you need to stop talking and simply shut up and let it go.
Not everyone will always see eye to eye with you, and that is okay. The world won’t end just because your friend doesn’t agree with your taste in music or sense of fashion.
Remember; when you convince a fool, all you got is a fool.
Focus on yourself. Stop trying to impress others who don’t care or don't matter. Instead of spending precious time and energy into having the last word, use it for self-growth.
Become better at being you. Read more, expand your horizon. Meditate, eat healthy, exercise. Take care of your mind, body and soul.
Stay off of social media and avoid letting everyone know what you had for breakfast every day. Pick up a hobby. Learn another language. Figure out what your passion is in this world and pursue it.
That and only that is worth your energy.
You only have one life; do you really want to spend the majority of it seeking the approval of others? 
There is nothing wrong with motivating someone else who is seeking your advice and counsel. However, not everyone is going to ask for your opinion. A smart man will know when to be quiet. 
Sometimes it is best to say nothing at all.
Remember, less is more. 


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