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The only Moments that Matter

Posted on July 31 2019

The only Moments that Matter
I am currently sitting outside this restaurant near the port of Dubrovnik in Croatia. 10 feet across from me is this adorable little girl playing with a baby kitten. It’s the cutest thing ever. For this girl, this moment, is the only one that matters. Everything else, ceases to be relevant.
That serenity, that peace of mind is all I strive to achieve. It’s a state of mind that I so desperately crave. And so should you. That feeling that although you may have a million things currently going on in life, it’ll be all right. Because right now, nothing else matters. That feeling is impeccable.
This little girl sitting here playing with that kitty has no worries at all. Why? Because she’s a child. What do children possibly have to worry about? Nothing. Naturally as we get older, we all sooner or later lose that innocence, that lack of carelessness.
But why? Why do we lose that spark in us? Why do we sacrifice our peace of mind for maturity? As we get older, we gain more responsibilities, more things to do. Deadlines, bills to pay, events to attend. There is so much pressure to excel in life and in our careers that we lose focus of the things that truly matter. The little things. The only moments that matter, are the ones that make you forget about everything else.
No worries, no stress, just you and the moment. And it’s not about trying to escape your normal life. Or even escaping your responsibilities. No, chances are, they’ll always be there.
It’s about slowing down a life that often times can be extremely hectic and overwhelming.
Taking in the moments that matter, and not let worry and stress water down the experience.
You have to tell yourself that yes, there’s a lot going on in my life and maybe not everything is perfect, but this moment right here, sure is.
That is how you live a happy life. That’s how you live a life that doesn’t get overshadowed by all the negative and all the bad things that are going on.
You need to remind yourself that life doesn’t have to be perfect in order for you to love it. You can cherish life without having it all figured out. Life can be beautiful even if it doesn’t completely make sense.
Sometimes you’ll have more questions than answers. Sometimes you may find yourself filled with questions and no answers in sight. Those moments can be beautiful too.
If your perspective and outlook on life is wrong, change the angle. Change the way you look at it. If your vision is blurry, maybe it’s time to change the glasses.
Let go of the illusion that life is supposed to look a certain way at 21, 25, or 35. There is no blueprint for your life. So drop the expectations, drop the believe that you’re supposed to have it all figured out. Because you’re not. You never truly will. You can get close, you can head in the right direction. But you’ll never really ‘get there’.  It’s not a destination, but rather a journey.
You’re heading in the right direction of true happiness when you learn to appreciate the moment.
That is what Embrace The Layover is all about. That is why I started all of this. It’s about appreciating every moment, even the ones that may not be the best or the easiest.
There’s something real about struggle, there’s beauty in the pain, and every moment you go through in life has a purpose. Every season you endure teaches you something.
It may be perseverance, it could be patience, humility, or a way to pull you closer to God. Whatever it is, know it’s no coincidence that this is happening to you. It’s no coincidence that you’re reading these words right now. You could be doing anything in the world right about now, but instead you’re reading this. There’s a reason.
Learn to compartmentalize the bad from the good that is going on in your life. Don’t let worry, fear and uncertainty, ruin the beautiful moments you have on this earth.
Some days may seem endless to you, but the years go by quick. Don’t let life pass you by. Don’t let the bad overshadow the good.
The only moments that matter in your life, are the ones that make you forget about everything else. Your wedding day, your graduation, the day you gave birth to your child, the day you proposed to your girlfriend. All these moments have one thing in common; they all at the time  made you forget about everything else. During those moments, you didn’t think about your job, your mortgage, your homework, your deadlines. None of that mattered during those moments.
That is why those are the only moments that will ever matter.
Now you don’t need these huge milestones to occur in your life in order for you to have meaningful moments. No, of course those are the obvious situations. The goal is to find happiness and serenity in small moments, in the little things. The things that may easily be missed, if not carefully looked out for.
The small things in life. Like sitting outside a restaurant in Croatia and watching a little girl play carefree with a baby kitten. A moment she’ll certainly never forget. And neither will I.
Those moments, are the only ones that matter.


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