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Thank You All

Posted on February 26 2019

Thank You All
I just want to take this opportunity and thank everyone who has been helping me in this incredible spiritual journey. For the past 5 weeks you all have changed my life in such a positive way. Your words, ideas and believes have helped me turn my life around. You’ve helped me open my eyes. Without you, there would be no journey towards God. Words can’t express how grateful I am for each and everyone of you. To Craig Groeschel, you’ve been my greatest inspiration. You’ve opened the door for me. Seeking God would have never happened for me if it wasn’t for your words in ‘Hope in the Dark’.  Lysa TerKeurst, your words in ‘It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way’ shed light when there was only darkness; gave me hope when everything else was shattered. You are my beacon of light. To Rich Wilkerson Jr. , your book ‘Friend of Sinners’ was one of the purest things I have ever read. You helped me accept my flaws, my sins and imperfections, and see them for what they are; human mistakes. And that they do not have to define my future. You helped me let go of my past. I can’t think of a greater gift. Your church embraced me with open arms from the minute I stept foot in it. I’ve never felt more at home. Thank you all! 


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