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Nothing Lasts Forever, and That's Okay

Posted on June 27 2019

Nothing Lasts Forever, and That's Okay
Feelings, people, situations, relationships, they all are transitory. They come just like they pass. Nothing lasts forever and nothing is permanent. Not our parents, our careers or our health. We grow up and we grow old. And at some point, we all will leave this earth behind. One day we’ll perish from this earth like dust.
Time is an intriguing concept. It is an imprecation as much as it is a blessing.
Time gives us the ability to let go of heartbreaking circumstances. Time enables you to spend time with the people you love. It’s the reason you get to see your children grow up and one day see them get married and have children on their own.
Time is the reason why you have the opportunity to wake up every morning and start a new day. Time lets you create thousands of memories that last a lifetime. Time, in that aspect is a beautiful and powerful thing. Time heals wounds and enables you to grow stronger. 
On the other hand, time can be cruel and relentless. It doesn’t stop for anyone, no matter how wealthy or how poor you are. You can’t bribe time, nor can you borrow more.
Time is the reason why ultimately all things come to an end.
All those ‘endless’ nights with the person you love? Well I am sorry to break it to you, but they aren’t really ‘endless’. The birthdays, the graduations, the vacations, the celebrations, at some point they all will come to an end. You may not even know it until one day you find yourself at your favorite restaurant and walk past the table where you and the person you swore, you’d spend forever with used to sit. But this time its not the two of you. Its not all laughs, inside jokes and flirting.
It’s just you this time. The other half of you is missing. Taking its place is a dark empty hole where once something beautiful used to be.
That is when it’ll hit you, that yes nothing lasts forever. No matter how real and magnificent it is. Nothing withstands the test of time.
So yes, good times don’t always last, but neither do bad ones.
Storms may knock you off course for a little bit, but those storms do not last. Darkness may overcome your hopes and dreams, but that too, does not last. There will be light, there will be an end to the chaos.
That is the beauty of time. Just like it is the reason why all things come to an end; it is also the reason why new things begin.
It’s perfectly okay that nothing lasts forever. The person you love may not stay in your life forever, and neither does the heartbreak of losing them.
The pain and loss you are feeling now, does not last forever.
It’s a tragedy that we pour ourselves out to some people only to be separated with them and eventually walk on this same earth as strangers once again. But at the same time, how fortunate it is to get to choose few special people to know the contents of our hearts at the time we met them and to welcome them deeply in our lives.
You shared a special bond with someone that no one can ever take away from the two of you. You might be strangers today, but at one point in time, you two were everything to each other. Never take that for granted.
So if you’re hurting right now, if you’re lost, give yourself time to heal and move on. I know that it doesn’t make sense right now, but one day it will.
Things will get easier; they will get better. This heartache that you’re enduring right now, will not last. As time passes like it always does, little by little, you’ll end up whole again.
And one day you’ll end up at your favorite restaurant once again. But this time things are different. As you make your way through the restaurant, you don’t catch yourself looking at the all too familiar table anymore. You don’t have that heavy feeling in your gut anymore. You don’t automatically think back to all those dates with them. Memories don’t instantly flush your brain. 
No, this time it’ll be different. You’ll walk through the restaurant smiling, head up high, happy and at peace. That empty hole inside of you that once was, no longer is. Finally, you’re whole again. 


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