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Life is Meant to be Lived in Extremes

Posted on January 11 2017

Life is Meant to be Lived in Extremes
I was talking to someone the other day, and he mentioned how he’s extremely unhappy with his life and how he isn’t quite sure where things went wrong. He hates his current job and dislikes the city that he’s living in. I would see it too you know. I’ve noticed how this place was soul crushing for him.
I honestly don’t think there’s anything worse than living a life that isn’t really worth ‘living’. I suppose you can’t even call it ‘living’ to begin with. It’s more like ‘going through the motion’. Letting life pass you by.
So I’m carefully listening to this guy telling me how he’s freaking miserable and how awful life is right now. And all I could think of was why he wouldn’t just leave. Get up and just leave all this bullshit behind.
“It’s not that easy when you’re married” he said.
I couldn’t quite understand that. I would never put my own happiness in front of my partners and vice versa I would hope my partner wouldn’t put their own happiness in front of mine. If my partner isn’t happy, neither would I be. No matter how amazing my career is going, or how much of a good circle of friends I have.
The biggest irony about all this is that he isn’t even madly in love with his wife. At this point he’s just with her because he fears that he could do no better. He’s scared that if he may leave, that he would be alone. Isn’t that some shit.
So not only does he hate his job and the city that he’s living in (which he only happens to still be in because of his wife), but he also isn’t completely in love with that woman.


Life is too fucking short for you to be staying in a dead end job that you despise. Life is too precious for you to stay with someone who does absolutely nothing to feed your soul. Life is too fragile for you to be spending it around people who don’t want the best for you.
Life is meant to be lived in extremes. If you’re not absolutely in love with what you do, then what fuck are you really doing?
If you're not utterly obsessed with the person you're with, then why are you even with them? Stop doing things that you do not absolutely want to be doing, stop being with people that you have no desire of being with, stop being complacent in life, stop being okay with living a life that is just mediocre.
Nothing about your life should ever be mediocre. Not your love life, your financial status not your career goals.  You know how many people I know that are with someone just because they're comfortable in the relationship. They don't actually want to be with them. They just got used to them. Used to their presence and are afraid to be on their own. They would rather be comfortable with the life that they know, that they've come to settle for, rather than taking a leap of faith.
And it's not even a leap of faith if you're going out there and work for what or who you want.  I don't know about you, but I rather take a hundred chances and fail every time, than to settle for the next best thing. Because hey: at l least I fucking tried. 
When it comes to your love life, do not just date, just so you can say that you’re dating for Christ sake. Fall in love with that person, fall in love with their qualities, their imperfections, their dreams and desires; fall in love with their soul. Fall so deeply for them that their very existence is burned into your rips. Let them grow into the roots of you.
That’s how you fucking fall in love. Get the fuck out of here with that mediocre shit.
When I date someone, to me, that woman is the baddest chick on the planet to me. I do not care about how many hot friends she has or who wants to get at me. If my girl is in a room with 9 other girls you’d count 10 girls while I will only count 1; and that’s my woman. Everyone else is completely irrelevant to me.  If she has the patience to deal with me and my bullshit, then she’s a keeper.
Life is meant to be lived in extremes.
It’s either all or nothing.
Falling in love with someone should scare the fuck out of you, but it should also be one of the most magnificent experiences you will ever come across as a human being.
Your goals in life should also scare the shit out of you. Have you ever heard the saying “If your dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough”?
This couldn’t be further from the truth except for the fact that you should replace the word ‘dream’ with ‘goal’ because we don’t have dreams around here. We have goals. Dreams are fore children and cry babies who wish for things, but will never actually get up and work for what they want.
I have a hundred goals on my mind right now and I can guarantee you that most people that know me wouldn’t even be able to name 5 of those goals. Because my goals go right above peoples head’s. And I’m not saying that to insult anyone. YOUR goals should not only scare the shit out of you, but they should blow people’s minds away. Not everyone will understand you, the way you understand yourself.
People will never relate to your goals, the way you will relate to them.
So don’t come up to me with this average life that you have planned out for you. I don’t want to hear about your ‘9-5’ with a 401k and your 4 weeks of vacation. Oh I’m sorry; I meant to say “paid vacation”. Huge difference, how silly of me.
Let your goals consume you, scare you, start a fire inside you that will scream over the sheer thought of mediocrity.
Life is meant to be lived  in extremes, and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.
Do you know how many times I've had people tell me things like:" wow you're very passionate about (inserts random subject)".
Yes, no shit I am a very passionate person. To me, passion reflects desire. Desire, reflects motivation. And motivation is was keeps me going. Motivation will be the difference between you making YOUR dream come true. Or you making someone else's dream come true.
Passionate people are the type of people that you want to surround yourself with. People who's eyes light up when you ask them about who they want to be in life.
So when someone calls you a passionate person, you take that as a damn compliment. And if people cannot relate to that, then you tell them to step aside and get the fuck out of your way because you have no time for phlegmatic people.


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