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Go get what is Yours

Posted on March 07 2019

Go get what is Yours

In my last post I told you guys that I was on my way to Australia. And well sure enough here I am. Except, my bag didn’t quite make it. I’m not talking about a big olé suitcase either. No, I’m talking about my only carry on backpack. See on my way from Miami to Los Angeles the gate agents, (bless their hearts) made me gate check my backpack because there was no overhead space. I told the staff that I had a connecting flight in LA and therefore the bag needed to go all the way to Sydney. ‘No worries Mr. Scholz, it’ll be fine’ the gate agent assured me.  21 hours later when I anxiously waited for my backpack at the baggage claim in Sydney though, I quickly came to realize that ‘it wasn’t fine’. My ONLY piece of luggage had been left behind in Los Angeles. The only thing I had in my possession was my passport, wallet, my phone and a book. Needles to say, I was totally f*cked. Long story short, I filed a report with the airline and they assured me that the bag would be on the next flight to Sydney. 30 hours later and I’m still waiting for my backpack. I was told a driver would be dropping off my luggage at my apartment. This has yet to happen. I have to tell you, when God tells you to get alone with him and wrestle, he really means get alone. Leave everything behind. Literally. I don’t know where God is leading me to, but I know there’s a lesson to be learned. Like a said before; he’s the best storyteller. So I spent a good hour on my balcony waiting for a delivery guy to appear and arrive with my luggage. Unfortunately that did not happen. So I call Sydney’s luggage department and they tell me that they have my luggage but they have no one to drop it off until the next day. Mind you, I’ve already spent almost two days without my luggage and now they’re telling me I have to wait another night ? Not going to happen. I’m a very nice guy. I’m passionate but I also try to be polite to strangers. Especially people in the customer service industry. But my frustration was showing. I was about to lose it. Instead I told her, “ma’am don’t worry, I’ll be there in 30 minutes and pick up the bag myself.” I hang up and call myself an Uber. See, as followers of Christ, we are all so focused on putting our faith in God and saying, ‘here God take care of this for me. You got this.’ And even though I believe God has a plan for all of us and putting faith in him is crucial in letting that plan unfold, I also believe that sometimes we need to act! We can’t just say ‘here Jesus take the wheel.’ ‘Wake me up when we have arrived.’ Imagine if I wouldn’t have called the baggage office at the airport. I would have been waiting for a very long time for my bag. Having faith in God is important, but sometimes you got to put in the legwork! God can’t be the only one working on your future. He will do great things for you if you let him. But sometimes you have to take the initiative! I’m in the back of my Uber heading to the airport getting what is mine. Will you get what is yours? Or will you just pray for it and hope God will just drop it off at your front door? It doesn’t work that way. I know it’s so much easier to say ‘God you got this’. ‘He’ll take care of it for me.’ God isn’t our servant. We are put on this earth to serve him. Never get that confused. Put your faith in God, trust that he has a process. But understand that you will need to take initiative at times.


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