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A Reason we met, a Reason we Parted

Posted on May 09 2019

A Reason we met, a Reason we Parted
I’m at a point in my life where I truly believe that everyone you meet, you meet for a reason. Every person you say hi to on the subway, every friend you make in school or at work, every person you date. You meet them for a reason. Please don’t look at life like everything that is happening to you, is happening for no reason. That it is all a big coincidence. Because it isn’t. There is a purpose to it all. People enter your life for two reasons. If you’re lucky, they will teach you a lesson, but if you’re really lucky, you will teach them a lesson.
But just like you meet people for a reason, they will also exit your life for a reason. And that is what we as human beings struggle with. Nobody likes goodbyes. Nobody likes to let go of someone they truly care about. It’s hard, it is so incredibly hard. It’s human nature to want to hold on to that someone. To want to cling to that person. Because we associate letting go with giving up. With missing out. We believe that if we let go of that person, we’ll be wasting all the time we’ve invested in them. But we couldn’t be more wrong.
Time spent with a person you care about, is never time wasted. I think often times we are so focused on holding on to people we meet, who aren’t meant to be in your life anymore, rather than holding on to the things that they’ve taught us. The things that they’ve showed us. The way that they’ve made us feel. Those are the things that we should be holding on to. The memories, the lessons. Because even though the relationship with that person may have ended, the memories will last a lifetime.
And no matter what anyone says or does, nothing can change or alter those memories. Those are yours. Yours to keep, yours to cherish. Yours to love. So, hold on to the memories, cling to them. But let go of the people who don’t want to be in your life anymore. If they can leave, it means they aren’t part of your future. And that is okay. Let them go.
 People will come into your life to teach you something, or for you to teach them something. And when people leave your life, it’s because they’ve served their purpose. You may have served your purpose in their life. Maybe you’ve taught them how to cook, how to dance, how to love. You’ve taught them that there is more out there in this world than what they were used to. Maybe they’ve taught you how to change a car tire, how to kick your smoking habit, or they’ve helped you start a workout routine. It could literally be anything and everything.
But when that ‘assignment’ is completed, it is done. They did what they were supposed to. You did what you were supposed to. And letting go of each other may be the only way to continue growing. You did all you could for them. They did all they could for you. And that’s why you need to let go. You let go of the person but you should never forget what they’ve brought into your life, what you’ve brought into their life. 
A lot of us think that just because someone comes into our life, they are meant to stay there forever. That simply isn’t true. Every day that you get to spend with the person you love and care for, is a privilege. It’s not a right. They are not your property. You don’t own them. The day you realize that, your life will begin to drastically get better.
Instead of asking why they left.  Ask yourself why would I want them to stay if they don’t?
Just because they are no longer in your life anymore, doesn’t mean they didn’t benefit your life. What you guys had may have been great, maybe it was amazing and you loved it all. But if that’s all it was meant to be, then that’s all it was meant to be. Cherish those memories. Be grateful that you’ve got to spent time with the person you loved.  And know that you guys helped each other out in ways that go far beyond your relationship.
You shaped a person’s life, their destiny, dreams and hopes. And they shaped yours. What could be more beautiful than that? 


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