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'Happy Now' - NEW BOOK

Posted on April 10 2020

'Happy Now' - NEW BOOK


 As a writer, everyone always expects you to have a lot to say, at all times. Truth be told, I find it challenging to express the recent events that happened in my life. The past 14 months have been nothing short than extraordinary. My life changed in so many different ways. It shaped me into a new person, then I destroyed that person just to rise up again and bring back another version of myself.


That is what my last year looked like - I overcame a tremendous loss, and that loss took a huge piece of me with it. Over the past months, I worked like hell to replace what I've lost. Finding myself, replacing those missing pieces of me, took every ounce of strength and perseverance.


If you read my first book: "Learning How to Heal a Broken Heart - Transforming Breakdowns into Breakthroughs," you saw me at my worst. You saw me grieving, saw me mourning, saw me breaking. You saw a side of me that I didn't even know existed. But you needed to see that; you needed to know that you're not the only one who goes through heartbreak. You're not in this alone. I've been in your shoes.


'Learning How to Heal a Broken Heart' was a chapter I'll never forget; it was my death and my resurrection. But it's time to turn the page now, time to start a new chapter, a new book. It's time to live again. To start fresh, to finally be happy again. No strings attached, no compromise.


You saw me at my worst, and so many of you thought that was all there was to me. That my existence is forever tied to a severe heartbreak or rather the person who broke me. And I can't stress enough how false that is. My identity isn't tied to an external circumstance. And neither is yours.


I showed you glimpses of my past, my pain, my suffering. And now, it's time to show you how the other side of me lives; the best of me, the new me.


I love life and everything that comes with it. I spent the past few months working on my second book, and I am beyond proud of the finished product. My new book is just about life. And how to truly be happy living it. So many of us are so caught up with the past and future, that they can't seem to be satisfied with the present.


If you want to find happiness, you need to learn how to live in the moment. And to do that, you need to let go of the past and stop focusing on the future.


The past will always drag you back and remind you of a life that no longer is. Remember that happiness doesn't live there. On the other hand, many will forgo their happiness today, because they're too focused on tomorrow, next week, next year. Paralyzed by the future, these people are unable to live in the moment.


My new book ‘Happy Now’ is a how-to book offering practical steps about learning to live in the moment. To appreciate life and not let what was or what will affect what is. ‘Happy Now’ is for anyone having trouble with living in the moment and finding happiness. After all, happiness is something we all want in life; but it is something so many of us fail to find. Either because we don’t know how to look for it; or we do, but we’re looking for it in all the wrong places. People look for happiness in other people, external circumstances, materialistic items, and future achievements. Truth be told, none of those things will ever truly bring authentic happiness.


This book is designed to help you remove the distractions, drown out the noise, to prevent your past from stopping you living in the moment, and to not let the future paralyze you or hold you back. Happiness isn’t found in tomorrow, and it didn’t part ways with you yesterday. Happiness is found by living in the moment. Living this moment and living it to the fullest. ‘Happy Now’ will help you do just that.


This is for everyone who thinks they are missing something or someone in their lives. Once you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll realize that actually, you’re not missing a thing. You will have finally found the missing piece to the puzzle that is happiness.



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